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Empowering your customers through technology-based solutions.

Our proprietary web-based tools enable you to help your consumers manage their health and health care finances. These are smart, convenient tools that make your members’ and consumers’ lives a little easier, endearing them to your brand.


SalesConnect allows you to match consumers with the right plan for their needs. On-exchange or off, over 65 or under, our platform provides consumers and agents a best-in-class experience to guide their purchase decision, improving growth and retention in your individual segments at the lowest possible cost of acquisition.

  • Responsive Design
  • Multi-Tenant Enabled
  • WCAG 2.0 AA and 504/508 Compliant
  • Agent Dashboard
  • Multiple Submission Types Supported
  • Integrated Chat
  • Integrated eSubsidy Tool


WelcomeConnect is a powerful, interactive platform designed to get new members off to a great start in their relationship with their health plan provider even before their contract is effective. This proprietary tool uses a unique combination of video and data-driven interaction to introduce new members to the details of their health plan, learn how to navigate their member account, and receive personalized recommendations for how to get the most of our their plan.

  • Responsive Design
  • Multi-Tenant Enabled
  • WCAG 2.0 AA and 504/508 Compliant
  • Multi-Lingual Enabled
  • Personal Profile Data Collection


Welcome to EventConnect! This centralized tool gives you a whole new way to organize seminars, workshops, and other community activities for your customers. Customers can reserve their spot at an upcoming event with simplicity and ease.

  • Web-Based App
  • Venue Tracking
  • Consumer RSVP
  • Post-Event Data Tracking
  • Real-Time Uploads
  • CMS Compliant


Let ConsumerConnect do the heavy lifting for you. Our web-based platform enables you to track the consumer's journey with you and draw on insights for upcoming campaigns. This tool supports multi-channel intake, provides a way to measure the impact of each visit by a customer, and reduces wait times. ConsumerConnect can also integrate with SalesForce.

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