Raj Vavilala

SVP and Chief Marketing Officer

Highly motivated by the opportunity to help people and communities achieve better health, Raj lives and breathes all things marketing. With the help of the exceptional talent he’s assembled on his marketing and advertising teams, Raj has become a thought leader on marketing best practices in the health insurance industry.  

"We’re becoming a powerhouse. Health insurance providers seek us out for our expertise in selling health plans to consumers and providing outstanding customer experiences. Testing and learning, staying up to date on research, and holding ourselves to a higher standard have taken us a long way."

With 20 years of corporate strategy, marketing, sales and development experience, Raj is no stranger to change. His ability to evolve his organization in an ever-shifting landscape is invaluable, and he’s already led GuideWell Connect Marketing through a complex financial and cultural turnaround.

To match his drive to delight clients with highly profitable marketing campaigns, Raj enjoys driving motorized vehicles of every kind, with motorcycles topping the list. He refuels his personal energy reserves by indulging a sweet tooth, spending time with family and friends and playing with his dogs.