Rafael Vasquez

SVP and Chief Consumer Officer

Rafael has an instinct for what customers want and a strong desire to see that they get it. He leads GuideWell Connect’s direct to consumer channels, which dovetails nicely with his more than 18 years of direct-to-consumer operations leadership experience.

“My passion is delivering extraordinary customer experiences. I coach my retail, telephonic, and field marketing teams relentlessly. And I welcome and share new ideas on how to meet and exceed expectations.”

Helping member’s bridge health gaps is one of GuideWell Connect’s primary goals, so Rafael constantly looks for opportunities to improve the healthcare journey by removing barriers and finding new care solutions. 

His professional success is due in part to Rafael’s empathy and generosity. He gives back to those in need by serving on several nonprofit boards, including the Children’s Bereavement Center and the Cuban National Council Corporate Advisory Board.

Rafael likes to travel, and that’s a good thing since GuideWell Connect has retail centers and telesales offices throughout Florida, as well as operations in Arizona and Tennessee.  When not traveling, Rafael enjoys spending time with his family.