Omnichannel Member Engagement

  • 02 May 2019
Project Description

Solution Description

GuideWell Connect’s Engagement solutions help health plans improve member satisfaction, reduce gaps in care, and simplify health care navigation by providing engagement experiences with omnichannel outreach and programmatic support. Designed by digital health care experts, data scientists, and behavioral specialists, our solutions improve retention and mitigate health risks.


Member Activation
Reinforce your brand, educate members on their benefits, and collect communication preferences and important health information right from the start.


Next Best Action
Encourage members to do the most important thing that they can do to improve their experience with your plan. Then encourage them to take the next right step again.


Personalized Journey
Deliver customized plans for your members to help them tackle their most challenging health issues while fostering loyalty to your health plan...not some third-party app.


Omnichannel Outreach
From digital to telephonic to face-to-face, GWC engages members at the right moment, via the right channel, with the right message to encourage participation.


Delivering a Superior Experience

GuideWell Connect’s Engagement solutions activate members from the beginning, often even before their effective date, enabling health plans to engage them on their healthcare needs and drive health plan economics right from the start. Because our adoption rates are so much higher than competing options, programs have a greater impact, which means a better bottom line. GuideWell Connect helps health plans attract and acquire more members, keep them healthier, and keep them longer.


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