• 02 May 2019
Project Description

Solution Description

GuideWell Connect’s breadth of consulting solutions can be used to educate your team through market assessments, help you prioritize efforts with strategic development, define an optimal omnichannel campaign, or improve your future efforts through post-campaign analysis. Lean on our health care experience to reach members more effectively at every stage of their journey.


Comprehensive analysis of your environment, market trends, competition, risks, opportunities, and internal readiness will help you prepare for a new venture.


Strategic Approach
GWC develops strategies to win-back, age-in, engage, or retain your members for increased acquisition, reduced risks, and improved customer satisfaction.


Channel Mix
Let us help you ‘fix your mix’ through media allocation, digital implementation, telephonic enhancement, and face-to-face strategies to increase your reach.


Retail Strategy
Build community presence with readiness assessment, business case and vision development, store model selection, and even full implementation solutions.


GuideWell Connect evaluates your previous campaigns to illuminate areas of opportunity and recommends a path to improvement.


Your Profitability is Top of Mind

GuideWell Connect is committed to driving health plan profitability. Experts in your members and the health care industry, we can guide you on how to prompt new and existing members to take the actions you require, no matter where they are in their journey to better health. GuideWell Connect helps health plans attract and acquire more members, keep them healthier, and keep them longer.


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