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  • 02 May 2019
Project Description

Solution Description

GuideWell Connect’s Sales solution helps health plans grow more quickly. The solution combines the industry’s best integrated Medicare and Under-65 Shop and Apply platform with the nation’s #1 inbound sales call center and supporting channels to acquire more members. This secure and compliant platform assists consumers in finding and buying the right plan, and brokers and agents may easily convert them.


Enhanced Direct Enrollment
Providing a tailored experience, consumers, brokers, and agents can apply, enroll, and manage their information directly within the solution without visiting


Lead Management
Support your agents and brokers with lead management functionality that gives them insight into the entire lifecycle of the lead and helps them manage their opportunities.


Shopping Wizard
Self-service tools assist consumers in choosing the right plan, increasing conversion rates and improving customer satisfaction. Shoppers may also speak to an agent.


Call Center and Retail Support
GWC can provide licensed telephonic agents and brick-and-mortar sales support staff to help consumers choose the right plan and convert them to paid subscribers.


Delivering Superior Results

GuideWell Connect’s Sales solution brings together the best integrated shop and apply platform with the best inbound sales center, resulting in faster growth and more revenue. With the addition of Enhanced Direct Enrollment in 2019, GuideWell Connects offers the market’s only white-labeled, private exchange for health plans. GuideWell Connect helps health plans attract and acquire more members, keep them healthier, and keep them longer.


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