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J. Mark McConnell CEO, GW Connect (OLH) and PopHealthCare
Mark has spent over 30 years in the health industry. He has served organizations with employee health initiatives, built mobile and digital assets for remote monitoring, and worked with numerous consumer tools for health, wellness, and disease management.
Leigh Ann Ruggles SVP and Chief Growth Officer - GWC
Adept at serving Blues Plans with wellness, care management, and mobile health solutions, Leigh Ann has over 20 years sales, client management, marketing and product strategy experience with numerous healthcare companies.
LuAna Boykins SVP and Chief Operating Officer - GWC
After nearly 25 years leading organizational transformation initiatives and building cultures of continuous improvement, LuAna is adept at cost consciously maximizing operations to surpass client expectations.
Dan Shur SVP and Chief Product Officer - GWC
Over 25 years in hospital administration and patient care, health care investment banking, payer operations, product development, innovation, and strategy provided Dan with exceptional insights and a deep understanding of how to improve the delivery of health care services
Kathy Paro SVP, Client Success - GWC
A Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt, Kathy has over 20 years of diverse experience in the payer and provider space. Passionate about strategic and tactical planning she is tenacious in her endeavors to improve processes and find innovative ways to solve for client challenges.
Steve Davidson SVP and Chief Financial Officer - GWC
A CPA with over 30 years of financial leadership, Steve has an in-depth understanding of contract management, negotiations and vendor management. His work has driven operational improvements and efficiency gains for lines of business producing over $100 million in annual revenue.