Michael McLaughlin

VP, Chief HR Officer GWC, OLH and PopHealthCare

Skilled at determining and directing GuideWell Connect’s staffing goals and strategies, Michael is responsible for recruiting and staffing, performance management, employee relations, coaching, and benefits.


He keeps an eye on employment trends to make sure we have the competitive salaries and benefits needed to attract, hire and retain top-quality people. He manages, evaluates, and reports on comprehensive plans for our organization to help us meet short- and long-term goals, and budget for employee expenses.


“Finding the right person to fill a position and be part of our culture is a lot like matchmaking. There’s more to it than finding someone who’s qualified. They need to have the right chemistry to work and play well with us, and with our clients.”

In addition to managing our HR department, Michael provides leadership and direction to his team, outside consultants, and recruitment specialists. He also serves as a senior-level advisor to executives and employees on human resource trends and issues.


As a matchmaker it’s only fitting that, in his spare time, Michael enjoys reading, cooking, and taking long walks on the beach!