Better for Members. Better for Plans and Providers.

Engaging your customers to support their wellness journey.

Engagement is about understanding—an area of expertise for us with proprietary analytical capabilities and years of health care industry experience. We help you act in a way that supports members in their wellness journey and by doing so, staying relevant and building trust with your consumers.

Our unique strategy utilizes a marketing thought process to address a consumer group, so that plans can effectively interact with members and providers with their patients. We use a tiered approach to communicate with members in their preferred response channel, mixing phone, mail, email and SMS text to efficiently and effectively get results.

Engagement Support Services

We approach engagement with a marketing mentality and will help you develop and execute campaigns to support continued member engagement and education.

Risk Adjustment

Encouraging members to schedule health screenings, tests and vaccines is critical to accurate risk adjustment and we are the experienced team to help you do that. We use our proprietary analytics to model the most productive approach for payers and providers to reach members and patients to get coded properly and in a timely fashion.

Condition Management

Condition management is about being proactive and engaging and educating consumers with the newest information. This helps them to better self-manage their condition and reinforce your treatment plan.


STARS is a critical rating program that measures how well plans perform based on a cross section of quality metrics. We can help you get where you need to be to ensure quality patient experiences and to optimize revenue.


HEDIS is an important tool that measures performance on several dimensions of care and service. Let our experts shepherd you to where your plan should be!

Self Service

Empowering your consumer with self service tools and capabilities will help them to proactively manage their plan and get the information they need. It’s good for them and it’s good for plans and providers.

Provider Navigation

We leverage our broad experience and understanding to identify efficient providers within your network and route members without a PCP to those providers.

Digital Wellness

Service consumers conveniently and in their channel of choice with digital wellness. We can help you provide a robust selection of tools and health care consultation to keep them informed and healthy.

Health Assessment At Retail Centers

Health Assessments are critical touch points that help to ensure member wellness and support risk adjustment. It’s convenient for your members and is a great opportunity to navigate them to the right provider if they need it. Other capabilities include:

  • Assessments Conducted by Registered Nurse
  • Health Snapshot That Includes Cholesterol, Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure and Other Readings
  • Private Health Coaching

Health Assessments are submitted as medical claims, not admin expense so that it positively impacts your revenue stream.

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