Cassandra Frederickson

SVP and Chief Growth Officer

As Chief Growth Officer, Cassandra understands that solving complex problems is key to driving growth. By leveraging GuideWell Connect’s tools and key experts, she helps clients achieve strategic goals. Her analytic approach makes it easy for them to jump onboard with GuideWell Connect. With her contagious all-in attitude, Cassandra motivates clients and her team.

“I’m results driven, so my team has to perform—and it does. I’m proud of how talented and diligent we are. We work together so much that we’re like a family.”

Cassandra has more than 14 years of operations and business development leadership, specializing in health plan solutions and data analytics. If a client has a problem, Cassandra leads her teams to find the solution. And she can turn on a dime when a client’s needs change. No matter how the work grows and changes, Cassandra has a knack for keeping her eye on long-term strategic goals.

When not working for GuideWell Connect, she spends her down time playing with her dogs and going on long walks.