Multi-Channel Marketing
& Acquisition Plan

Company Overview

We partnered with a large, diversified state-based insurer to launch a multi-channel sales and engagement plan. Leveraging the insurer's 18 Retail Centers, award-winning Telesales division, digital capabilities and unique agency model, we helped to deliver sales and retention results significantly above plan. Learn more about how we engage and acquire customers with multi-channel marketing and acquisition planning.

The Challenge

Acquire new members, retain and renew existing members, migrate current ACA members to new plans in the competitive Under 65 Market Segment, and incentivize grand fathered/grand mothered plan members to transition to current metal plans, all while reducing administrative expenses relating to marketing and acquisition.

The Solution

GuideWell Connect developed and executed the following fully integrated, multi-channel marketing and acquisition plan:

Tried & True (70%)

  1. Use predictive modeling to focus on acquisition, retention and migration resources.
  2. Execute acquisition lead generation programs and direct leads via most relevant and cost-effective distribution channels.
  3. Execute the retention plan for ACA renewals, a migration plan for plan closures and a Keep Your Plan program for non ACA non-plan closure members.
  4. Support member satisfaction through improved understanding of benefits, network, navigator tools, and engagement of ancillary products, when they need them.

Emerging (20%)

  1. Expand marketing communications programs to proactively engage new priority member sub-segments.
  2. Refine grassroots local presence outreach in community neighborhoods in order to activate new demographic participating consumers.
  3. Leverage sports and lifestyle assets to create awareness and lead generation opportunities.
  4. Utilize new technologies to directly track outcomes of retail interactions in order to determine operational efficiencies and consumer satisfaction.

Experimental (10%)

  1. Test/expand Social/Local/Mobile communication vehicles, especially in Spanish, to reach first-time customers.

The Result

Throughout the Annual Enrollment Period GuideWell Connect acheived:

  • Raw cost reduction of over 8%
  • Sales performance that is approximately 140% of goal
  • Member retention rates of 110% of plan Package rates with non-health products (life and dental) on plan
  • Package rates with non-health products (life and dental) on plan

Key Takeaways

We developed a comprehensive Go-To Market plan for the client, within the timeframe required, and met budget constraints.

We deployed a multi-channel sales and engagement approach leveraging their 18 Retail Centers, award winning Telesales division, digital capabilities and unique agency model to deliver sales and retention results that are significantly above plan.

Better than projected results are a testament to our experience in marketing analytics, segmentation, strategic campaign development & management, creative services, lead generation and client relationship management.