& Sales Acquisition Campaign

Company Overview

We delivered a fully integrated marketing and sales initiative for a large state-based HMO that resulted in member growth of over 1000% over two years, achieving all financial, operational, and quality targets.

The Challenge

In 2014, our client wanted to increase its footprint in the individual U65 market by establishing 2015 OEP membership goal of 28,800, roughly 400% of their 2014 actual. Within that goal, 8,300 contracts would need to be directly attributable to the company’s proprietary marketing and sales efforts, with the remainder coming from the “Halo” effects of agents, brokers, and the Federal Exchange. To meet this goal, GuideWell Connect determined roughly 45,200 leads would need to be generated and converted at a lead to close ratio of roughly 18%. To further complicate matters, an agreement between the client and GuideWell Connect wasn’t finalized until mid-August and the competition had been courting the client for 12 months prior with reasonably proposed costs and a marketing budget of under $3 million.

The Solution

Being nimble, flexible and laser focused, GuideWell Connect quickly developed an integrated Marketing and Sales Acquisition campaign consisting of targeted media, broad media, and experimental tactics- all indexed to our proprietary acquisition and sensitivity model, and stratified using our custom consumer segmentation. Sales closure would then be facilitated by GuideWell Connect’s agent sales and support via its Telesales, web chat and digital channels to meet a total target, all-in cost per sale of $506.

Targeted media consisted of direct mail and email, which was sent to three segments of the population; high subsidy eligible, moderately subsidy eligible and non-subsidy eligible, encouraging each segment to register.

Broad media included DRTV, paid leads, paid search (SEM) and Facebook. While these channels also served to acquire new members, they also generated brand awareness through mass reach and increased frequency of the messaging.

Experimental tactics included RedPlum inserts, as well as Pandora advertising. These channels were suggested due to the success GuideWell Connect had experienced from their Florida Blue client, as well as anecdotal success stories from the client’s sister plan.

All direct-to-consumer lead generation was executed using precise geo and segmentation targeting.

An agent outreach campaign was executed utilizing paid leads and direct mail, encouraging recipients to visit authorized agents for the client.

Lastly, digitally leveraged TeleSales and Web-Chat services were established to field all incoming leads and convert into sales as well as outbound lead nurturing was also performed to maximize lead to close conversion.

The Result

GuideWell Connect’s campaign performance for U65 AEP was significantly ahead of sales targets. For the 2015 U65 AEP, GuideWell Connect achieved the following:

  • Attributed Sales at 151% of goal
  • Telemarketing lead-close rate at 142% of target
  • Cost-per-Lead at 105% of target
  • Lead-Cost-per-Sale at 102% of target
  • Total-Cost-per-Sale at 100% of target

Key Takeaways

GuideWell Connect was able to develop a comprehensive Go-To-Market plan, within an abbreviated amount of time and a reduced budget. We were nimble, flexible, and keenly aware of the importance of reaching the client’s target audience while keeping the total cost per sale low.

GuideWell Connect leveraged their award-winning TeleSales division and digital capabilities to reach above-standard conversion rates of 25% for the 2015 U65 AEP.

Better than projected results are a testament to GuideWell Connect’s expertise in marketing analytics, segmentation, strategic campaign development & management, creative services, lead generation and client relationship management.