Direct Enrollment Tools
& Chat Solution

Company Overview

Working with one of the largest health plans in the Pacific Northwest, we developed a comprehensive Go-To-Market plan on time and under budget. Using a flexible approach, we were able to successfully reach the client's target audience while making sure to keep the total cost per sale low. Learn more about how we drive results with direct enrollment tools and chat solutions.

The Challenge

This company was faced with significant challenges in their ability to deliver effective shopping and enrollment capabilities to agents and brokers, as well as deliver direct-to-consumer shopping and sales Chat support. Existing capabilities did not interface with the Federal Health Exchange and internal and external agents were not able to assist consumers all the way through the enrollment process. Additionally the company had no Chat support capabilities for members seeking assistance through their digital shopping portal, with the incumbent vendor quoting an eight month timeframe to implement.

The Solution

Provide access to GuideWell Connect’s multi-tenant Direct Enrollment tools and provide a Chat solution supported by GuideWell Connect Chat Agents to assist online consumers through the purchasing and enrollment process.

The Result

Below are the results from the initial implementation and operations during the 2014 Annual Enrollment Period.

  • Implemented a customized, multi-instance, fully branded and operational Direct Enrollment solution in less than 3 months; compared to competitor estimates in the 8 to 10 month range
  • Delivered a solution that was one third of the cost of the closest competitor
  • Solution delivered 100% availability throughout the Annual Enrollment Period
  • Delivered a fully functioning and supported chat capability that delivered a conversion rate in excess of 70% for customers supported, and implemented in less than 25% of the time quoted by the incumbent
  • Customer satisfaction has been higher than expected with agents acknowledging use of the tool not just for direct enrollment purposes but to facilitate shopping discussions, because the embedded shopping capability and experience are superior to the existing approach.

Key Takeaways

The ability to quickly deploy next-generation solutions that have been tested and deployed in multiple markets are critical to supporting our client’s ability to compete in the new marketplace, and deliver seamless, exceptional consumer experiences.