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Sales Down During OEP? Maybe It’s Your Customer Profiling

Surprisingly enough, there are companies out there today that still don’t use customer profiling or marketing personas. Most marketing plans fail because no one took time to research their customers. Why? Because they believe that everyone is their customer.

Guess what: All customers are not created equal, so if you’re losing members or if your sales are diminishing during OEP, it’s time to rethink your strategy. One of the most impactful ways to improve your marketing efforts is to have someone dig deep into your data and develop your customer profile.

So, what is customer profiling?

Customer profiling uses data to create a ‘picture’ of your ideal customer so that you can make better decisions around targeting and communications.  During profiling, your customers are broken down into groups who share similar goals, interests, and other characteristics. Generally, this approach summarizes consumer data like shopping habits, lifestyles, demographics, and psychographics. With regards to healthcare consumers, the data and insights gleaned from customer profiling become much more niche.

Why is it so difficult?

Customer profiling comes with several challenges, especially in the healthcare space.

Demographic information is generally more readily available if you know where to look. Health plans have a wealth of member data within their own systems and any missing data can often be procured through external list services.

Psychographic information, however, and behavioral data is what really rounds out a customer profile and, of course, is much more difficult to uncover.  For example, how do you determine an individual’s attitude towards healthcare or health insurance? How do you determine what channels your ideal consumers prefer to receive their information?

Data mining and analysis takes great skill and understanding. Add to that, once you have your data and can identify your ideal customer you are only half way to a solution. After your profile is complete, you still have to figure out how to reach your ideal customer effectively through various engagement programs, and be confident your approach will trigger the desired responses.

Sometimes an outside source is the answer

We get it, this is no easy task and it is why many clients come to us for help. At GuideWell Connect, we are experts in data mining and analysis, helping health plans not only by developing their customer profiles, but also interpreting that collection of data and educating our clients on the ideal methods for acquiring and obtaining those ideal members.

It’s one thing to understand a consumer’s medical condition, but it’s totally another to understand how to effectively communicate with them and keep them engaged.  The challenge is in crafting messages and content that resonates with your ideal customer in such a way that it evokes an emotional connection and inspires action.  

Real World Example

So what does it look like in the real world? Let’s take individuals who are in the process of shopping for Medicare.  Guess what? Nowadays people are starting to research Medicare around their 63rd year versus waiting until they’re nearly 65. Reaching this member would require an in depth understanding of their buying criteria and the journey they are taking to self-educate. From our extensive experience creating Medicare customer profiles, we are seeing a much more tech savvy Medicare segment nowadays, and have learned that it’s vital for a communication strategy to go beyond just email and direct mail if you want to truly engage with the modern Medicare prospect. Additionally, it is critical to develop messaging that truly resonates with their questions and concerns like:

  • Medicare 101
  • Explaining the differences between Medicare Part A, B, C and D
  • The various products you offer and the benefits of each
  • What is the value ad of your business, meaning what does your plan do to go above and beyond to serve this segment?

Let us help

Having difficulties defining your customer and creating effective messages? Set up a meeting with one of our Consultants to learn how we can help you define the right customer profiles for better sales outcomes!

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