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Member Engagement Matters More Than Ever

Gone are the days when you could ignore the demands and needs of your health plan members and still hope to succeed.

If members don’t understand their benefits, they can’t influence their health care costs and can be blindsided by the high price of going out of network, or to an expensive provider, leading to frustration and directing blame at the health plan. If you don’t have a way to communicate with members, you can’t understand their health needs or drive them to take healthy actions.

Gallup charges that the most definitive predictor of business growth correlates to the strength of your engagement game, with their research showing that “…customers who are fully engaged represent a 23% premium in terms of share of wallet, profitability, revenue, and relationship growth over the average customer.”

Failing to engage members in meaningful ways affects the bottom line today through higher costs of care and lost reimbursements. It also impacts future growth when health plans can’t prove enough value to retain members. 

And yet, it would seem health plans continue to ignore member engagement. According to the 2018 Temkin Experience Ratings, US report only two industries out of 20 received ‘poor’ average experience ratings: cable companies and health plans.

The old story is that members care about cost, quality, and value. Well, they also care about the Experience. They want to quickly and easily understand their benefits, find a doctor, educate themselves on their conditions, and more. And they want to do it online, and on their own schedule, and without the typical difficult-to-access data or confusing forms.

The reality is that the collective of retailers, banks, airlines, and hotels have created a new standard in digital engagement. User expectations are high across every industry, with an abundance of intuitively designed, self-service portals that make quick work of conducting transactions and accessing information.

If health plans hope to compete in the modern age, they will have to take a customer-centric approach and create engaging experiences that are on par with the rest of the marketplace.

Three benefits of customer-centric digital engagement

1. Steerage to differentiators

Thanks to the ACA, health insurance is now more competitive than ever, and members are being bombarded with messages from a myriad of plans.  

How do you stand out from the crowd? Instead of sending your members to a multitude of apps, create a differentiated, plan specific member experience that helps guide members to engage with everything that makes your plan different and better. As you help members tackle their most challenging health issues, you build an emotional connection and foster loyalty to your brand. Customer-centric digital experiences have many proven benefits, including:

  • Member empowerment through education
  • Brand reinforcement
  • Increased health plan satisfaction
  • Stronger member relations
  • Automated delivery of consumer demands
  • Elevation in perceived value

2. Activated members

Did you know that activated members are more likely to manage their health appropriately, reducing health plan spend?

Effective member activation programs are proven to influence member retention, member engagement, quality improvement, and risk mitigation. Beyond a normal onboarding program, member activation programs include multi-channel, targeted outreach that both welcomes new members and drives them to a digital member portal for further engagement and data collection. If executed well, health plans ensure that any new member’s first interaction with the plan is a positive one.

3. Improved risk and quality measures

Member engagement is not only about making members happier, but also serves to improve health plan profitability. Rather than waiting for lagged claims, or ‘chart chase’ to close gaps you can proactively engage your members to capture HCCs and gaps in care at the outset of a plan year.

Use member engagement to:

  • Improve member outcomes
  • Promote care adherence and correct coding from the beginning of the relationship.
  • Assess risks and barriers to care early on and utilize that information to set the stage for future outreach.
  • Capture updated contact and opt-in information to enable multi-channel outreach via email and text messaging.

GuideWell Connect Understands Engagement

GuideWell Connect’s Engagement solutions help health plans improve member satisfaction, reduce gaps in care, and simplify health care navigation by providing engagement experiences with omnichannel outreach and programmatic support. Designed by digital health care experts, data scientists, and behavioral specialists, our solutions are proven to improve retention and mitigate health risks:

  • 81% participated in benefit education
  • 46% took health surveys
  • 30% completed health risk assessments
  • 29% allowed their communication preferences to be collected

Contact us to learn how we can boost your member engagement rates up to 6x.

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