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The Inbound Sales Center in 1st Place Is... GuideWell Connect!

GuideWell Connect’s Inbound Sales Call Center wins 1st Place.

JACKSONVILLE, FL, March 8, 2019 – GuideWell Connect’s Inbound Sales Center earned 1st Place in BenchmarkPortal’s “Top Contact Centers” contest. The competition compares the performance of inbound sales centers throughout North America by evaluating key metrics. Entries are cross-checked, validated and approved by certified experts, and the resulting submissions are scored on the basis of both quality and cost efficiency. Data is reviewed over the course of the contest using quality control tools.

Since the Top Contact Centers contest process is based entirely on statistical comparison to the world’s largest and most respected database of contact center metrics, this competition can objectively identify centers that are achieving superior results in both financial and qualitative terms.

“This award shows that GuideWell Connect’s Inbound Sales Center operation ranks among the top performers of its size in North America. We congratulate the center and wish them continued success with future initiatives.”

— Bruce Belfiore, CEO, BenchmarkPortal

The contest grouped submissions into four categories for the Top Contact Centers awards program. Each center was compared to a wide variety of industries and assigned numerical ratings. When the results were tallied, GuideWell Connect was determined to be a 1st Place winner.

“We’re proud of our Inbound Sales Center and applaud the team there for their hard work and dedication. You don’t get to 1st place without commitment,
high standards and integrity.
—Scott Paddock, President & CEO, GuideWell Connect


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