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How We're Wired Differently

Connected Consumers Chart - Science plus Art plus People equals Connected Consumers supported by services in order, marketing, onboarding, engagement, renewal, and sales

We offer end-to-end solutions designed to reach your customers at key touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle—from acquisition to engagement to renewal. Our creative, sales, analytics and technology teams all work together to build targeted and effective campaigns that meaningfully connect you to your audience—building long-term loyalty. That means that we can create and execute your campaign from concept to completion—all that under one roof.

It takes the right balance of science, art and people to pull this off successfully, a combination that you will only find with GuideWell Connect...and a combination that makes us truly wired differently.

The Science

Our proprietary, robust analytics and digital platforms allows us to know your customers so that we can tailor solutions that make it easy for you to reach your customers, build relevant connections, and experience greater engagement.

What It Means

Our powerful analytical capabilities enable us to supply detailed segmentation and profiles so that we know the channels that your consumers prefer and what motivates them to buy.

The Art

We tell your story in a compelling way. From concepting to post production, we leverage creativity and years of experience to create compelling messages and visuals.

What It Means

GuideWell Connect can create all campaign collateral without having to outsource anything. We produce broadcast and web video, print pieces, digital interactions and much more.

The People

The best technology and creative solutions won’t reach your customers without the people. From originating the retail center model in health care to award-winning telesales teams, we are constantly striving to perfect the art of connecting in meaningful ways.

What It Means

We know how to reach and communicate with your consumers in the channel of their choice. Our partners benefit from our expertise in telesales, retail center models and digital chat solutions proven to turn customers into loyal members.

Who We Are

GuideWell Connect is an award-winning consumer sales, marketing and engagement company. We help our clients achieve success in the new consumer-driven health economy with marketing and creative services, telesales solutions, consumer-focused technology platforms and one-of-a-kind analytical capabilities. We leverage creative solutions, data-driven decisions and years of experience to connect you to the right consumers, no matter where they are in the customer life cycle.

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Connections That Count

We're a leading marketing services company created by individuals with passion and deep experience in advancing consumerism. We'd love to chat with you about how we can help you connect with your customers.

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