Full-Funnel Marketing Services

  • 26 April 2019
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GuideWell Connect’s Marketing solution offers award-winning, performance-driven direct response marketing services. Partnering with your team to complement your investments and integrating with your existing processes, our omnichannel campaigns generate superior results. Our health care marketing experts provide strategic advice, data science, analytics, content and digital assets, campaign management, creative execution, and media management.


Data Science
Data from GWC’s proprietary dataset and AI-based models inform every tactic and action. Results improve over time as the models learn your market.


Campaign Strategy
Dedicated strategists—rather than order takers—approach your relationship as a partner, providing timely feedback, guidance, and detailed planning.


Campaign Orchestration
GWC orchestrates and executes omni-channel campaigns, ensuring that potential members are engaged at the right moment, via the right channel, with the right message.


Creative Agency
Having an in-house, digital-first creative agency enhances consistency in tone, sound, and chrome. In-house resources improve response times.


Delivering Superior Performance

GuideWell Connect’s Marketing customers experience response rates that are, conservatively, 20% to 60% higher than they experienced with previous agencies. Higher response rates translate into more leads and opportunities to enroll new members and retain existing members. GuideWell Connect helps health plans attract and acquire more members, keep them healthier, and keep them longer.


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